Sept. 4, 2020

Incarceration & Reentry with our guest brother David Garlock

Incarceration & Reentry with our guest brother David Garlock
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Check out our discussion on Incarceration & Reentry with our guest brother David Garlock.

"David Garlock is a successful returning citizen, reentry professional, and criminal justice reform, advocate. David and his brother received 25-year sentences in Alabama after taking the life of their abuser. A client of Equal Justice Initiative, he was released on parole in 2013 after serving more than 13 years and pursuing several educational opportunities while incarcerated. He subsequently obtained his bachelor's degree from Eastern University and is now the Lancaster Program Director for New Person Ministries, a reentry program for men who have committed sex offenses and other returning citizens. He is also a board member for the Lancaster County Reentry Management Organization and a member of the Pennsylvania Reentry Council, a statewide coalition of county reentry organizations. David enjoys educating the next generation of criminal justice professionals on rehabilitation and advocating in various spheres for an effective and equitable justice system. He is a frequent speaker at colleges and universities, criminal and social justice conferences, and community events. David resides in Coatesville, PA with his wife, where they enjoy serving with their local church."

Brother David Garlock can be reached for speaking inquiries via his email: 

Please feel free to email for comments, questions, etc.