May 7, 2021

Our guest sister Amira Beasley became an entrepreneur after realizing college wasn't for her

Our guest sister Amira Beasley became an entrepreneur after realizing college wasn't for her

"Amira Beasley (Themiraclewerker) is a cosmetologist, self-empowerment facilitator, educator, and mentor. Her mission is to help women put themselves on the road to self-improvement and success by providing them tools and services that they could utilize to build self-confidence, motivation, and empowerment. 

 Amira has always had a love for the arts. She began to express herself artistically with makeup at the age of 14. She would practice her skills on her family and friends who would later encourage her to peruse a career in makeup artistry. At the age of 18, she began freelancing around the city of Philadelphia often servicing clients before, during, and after school, as well as on the weekends. She grew a strong passion for makeup artistry and decided to leave college to become a cosmetologist and eyelash technician. Since graduating in 2019, Amira has become a platform artist for events such as Philly fashion week, New York Fashion Week, Fashion Week Columbus and much more. She has also worked on a multitude of film and photography sets, and developed a lash extension certification course which is actively developing and introducing amazing lash techs into the industry. Amira realized that her passion was making women feel beautiful but she wanted to do more… 

In 2020, Amira launched her career as a self- empowerment facilitator. She gives women entrepreneurs tools that they can utilize to improve themselves and finances through her movement “Lady Gemz”. Amira plans to make her movement international by creating community partnerships and working together to uplift and empower women and families in need. If you are a Woman Entrepreneur and you’re interested in joining “Lady Gemz” Click here Lady Gemz!"

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