Oct. 7, 2022

Our guest sister Latoya Cooper shared some of her story when she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer & her current journey

Our guest sister Latoya Cooper shared some of her story when she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer & her current journey
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"Wife! Bonus Mom! Advocate! LaToya Cooper, Confidence Coach and Breast cancer SurThriver, has helped guide women to challenge their limiting beliefs and work through obstacles renewing self-love and purpose in their lives. In her coaching business, she provides support, strategy, and tips to help you pinpoint your fears, confront self-doubt and perceptions, and thrive in self-confidence. LaToya is often described as the quiet storm, walking you confidently through the fire. 

As an under 40 Breast cancer SurThriver, LaToya has been an advocate of preventive care and putting your health first. During her breast cancer journey she noticed that when she shared her story of how the lump was discovered, many women didn’t remember the last time they performed a self-breast exam. This led her to start the “I Love My Breasts” initiative amongst her family and friends of monthly reminders to perform monthly self-checks, schedule your preventive care appointments, and taking time for yourself. 

She holds an MBA with a concentration in Leadership & Organizational Learning from the University of Baltimore and a bachelor’s degree in Accounting with a minor in Telecommunications from George Mason University. 

LaToya has worked with various non-profit organizations within the United States and Africa. She also enjoys mentoring our young people. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, reading, and attending sporting events. You can connect with LaToya via her website www.iamlatoyakcooper.com, on Instagram and Facebook @iamlatoyakcooper, and Twitter @latoyakcooper. "