Oct. 22, 2022

Our guest sister Nikita McKenzie shared some of her story when she was impacted by Domestic Abuse & her current journey as a survivor of Domestic Violence

Our guest sister Nikita McKenzie shared some of her story when she was impacted by Domestic Abuse & her current journey as a survivor of Domestic Violence
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"My journey as a teenage mother taught me that I get to decide what happens next. It was through this experience that I learned that circumstances do not define you, but it is how you respond to your circumstances that matters most. It was through this and other transitions that I learned that I AM and can be whatever I say! Today, I can confidently say that I Am Someone He Empowered to inspire and support women as they transition through life. #IAmShe 

I AM – Two of the most powerful words; For what you put after them shapes your reality. Inspiring, encouraging, confident, powerful, resilient, trustworthy, empowered… IAmShe Nikita is her brand!

​A woman with a strong commitment to becoming everything that God intended, IAmShe Nikita made a decision to choose faith over fear. After a 21-year career, obtaining her Bachelor and Master degrees in Business Administration, and earning a graduate certificate in entrepreneurship, she closed the door to corporate America. 

​With a compassionate heart to help women confidently pursue purpose and maximize their potential, her vision finally met her purpose! IAmShe Nikita is the founder of I Am Someone He Empowered, INC., a nonprofit organization established to support women as they transition through the many obstacles that come to shape their definition of themselves.

​With her strong sense of leadership and wisdom beyond her years, it comes as no surprise that she would become a Transformational & Solution-Focused Life Coach. IAmShe Nikita is driven by her passion to see women discover and embrace their identity so that they can become who they were destined to be. Her desire is to see them win in every area of life and her personal experiences with transition have equipped her to coach, empower, and assist them in developing a plan to successfully get to their next! 

​IAmShe Nikita has undeniably found her purpose in her pain! She has experienced much adversity, but God has shown himself to be faithful. Everything that she has endured has been for now. She can confidently say, “I am not my sister’s keeper. I am my sister!”

​Not only does she serve as a midwife through one-on-one coaching, but she facilitates empowerment sessions, workshops, and is a conference and motivational speaker. IAmShe Nikita is Someone He Empowered!"

Website: https://www.iamshenikita.org/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/IAmSheNikita
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IAmSheincNikita
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamsheinc_nikita/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nikita-mckenzie-mba-3a083b29/