June 16, 2021

Preview: Celebrating 10 Years of Marriage on 6/18/21 to God be the glory!

Preview: Celebrating 10 Years of Marriage on 6/18/21 to God be the glory!
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We are grateful to have had the opportunity to be blessed by our different married guests for this episode which we pray for those who listen will be blessed as well.

The first married couple featured in this episode is Brother Walter & Sister Tawana Sabbath, Ph.D.  “We met while Walter was a student at Antioch University Philadelphia. He was a student of my good friend who invited me to help her class to brainstorm for a major project. What I didn't know was that Walter who was coming out of a broken marriage had prayed for a woman in his life that didn't have to love him but could grow to love him. When he saw me, he knew that I was the answer to his prayer. He actually told three female classmates that I would be his next wife. At our wedding three years later those same women told me how ridiculous they told Walter was. He says, ‘I gave God a list of 12 things I wanted in a wife. After we were married I took stock and found that He had given a baker's dozen or 13.’" Brother Walter & Sister Tawana Sabbath, Ph.D. have not only been partners in marriage for thirty-five years but they continue to serve/work together as the co-owners of their business the Walter E. Sabbath, Jr. Funeral Service, www.sabbathcare.com, that has been in business for twenty-eight years.

The second married couple featured is Pastor James & Sister Minnie Reid. "Pastor James and sister Minnie met at church in Washington, DC. God orchestrated their paths to cross. Pastor James & Sister Minnie have been married forty-eight years. Sister Minnie spent forty years as an educator. James Reid spent 23 years in retail before becoming a full-time pastor. Sister Minnie received a Master of Science Degree in Education. Pastor James was trained as an Ordained Elder in the United Holy Churches of America as well as a Licensed Elder in the International Fellowship of Pastors and Ministers for 10 years. They have served over fifty years to the church in different areas which they continue to conduct weekly Prayer Meetings and yearly conferences, coaching couples before, during, and after marriage especially at marriage retreats and one-on-one sessions as well as serve as pastors of Launch Deep Ministries, Inc. in Clinton, MD for the past 28 years. They are retired and are proud parents and grandparents.”

 The last married couple featured is Rev. Dr. George B. & Sister G. Patricia “Pat” Moody. “We met at Hampton Institute, in 1960 as freshmen. We first married in 1965 but divorced in 1980, started dating again in 2000, and re-married in 2009! God truly works in mysterious ways. I had never planned on marrying again, and not marrying my first husband again!! But God!! We pray every day to maintain our marriage, it is a work in progress. Do pray for us. We want couples to persevere, don't give up-let God guide your steps and lead you as you strengthen your relationship every day. Sister G. Patricia “Pat” Moody received a Bachelor's degree in Business Education in 1964 from Hampton Institute, (VA) now it is Hampton University. Rev. Dr. George B. Moody graduated from Hampton University in 1965 with his Bachelor's degree. He received his Master of Divinity degree from Temple University and a Doctorate of Ministry from Howard University. Dr. Moody worked for over 25 years in United Methodist churches in Maryland and Delaware retiring in 2014. Now in 2021, he works as a part-time minister at Ezion-Mt. Carmel UMC in Wilmington, DE.”

Full episode scheduled to be released Friday, June 18, 2021.

 Please feel free to email Solomon & Jamila Jefferson at info@itsnothowyoustartbuthowyoufinish.com for comments, questions, etc.