Nov. 18, 2020

Preview: Minister Sheila D. Boynton, LSW, MDiv, CAMS-I shares how she was impacted by sexual abuse & how God used that pain/darkness to allow her to help other people...

Preview: Minister Sheila D. Boynton, LSW, MDiv, CAMS-I shares how she was impacted by sexual abuse & how God used that pain/darkness to allow her to help other people...
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Check out our preview with our guest Minister Sheila D. Boynton, LSW, MDiv, CAMS-I who provides hope for those impacted by sexual abuse. Here's some of what she stated"...While we talk about the abuse, the statics there is also hope...I know that I can be the only Bible someone reads and my story,'re listening to a woman who has experienced sexual abuse by her stepfather and stepbrother for multiple years. God has taken that...with the support of other devices the church...the relationship. Here I am 27 years plus delivered from drugs, a licensed minister, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, founder of a private practice guided by the pain that I was in that I want to be available to help other people..."

Full Episode scheduled to be released Friday 11/20/20.

"Sheila Boynton is a speaker, therapist, life coach and founder of Soul Transformation LLC where she provides therapy services for individuals, couples, and families. For 15+ years, Sheila has practiced traditional talk therapy addressing a myriad of issues including sexual abuse, relationship problems, addiction, grief & loss, family conflicts and life coaching. Her mission as a therapist is to provide a skilled, competent, safe, nonjudgmental therapeutic space for the healing of her clients. Sheila is also a licensed minister with a Master of Divinity and is a Certified Anger Management Specialist I.

Sheila is a Christian Counselor where God uses her to minister through counseling to women, couples and families experiencing emotional, spiritual, and mental difficulties. Her leadership qualities attract others to her for mentorship and navigating career and personal life challenges. She is deeply passionate about uplifting and encouraging others.

Sheila is also giving leadership and facilitation to the Sacred Sanctuary: Sexual Abuse Survivor Ministry at Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church. The Sacred Sanctuary ministry seeks to help those who have been impacted by sexual abuse through a journey towards healing, wholeness and recovery. In her leadership role she has taken the message of sexual abuse healing and recovery to other churches and organizations.

Sheila has been travelling throughout the United States and Canada for the past twenty-seven years spreading a message of hope and a promise of freedom from addiction to those in recovery. She unapologetically testifies to how the Lord has delivered her from strongholds so that He can use her to show His mercy and His grace in a dying world. Sheila is committed to transforming lives on purpose, with purpose for purpose."