June 2, 2021

Preview: Our guest Apostle Sovereign B. Smith discussed how some of our core beliefs can cause us to stay stuck in certain areas where God wants us to be free

Preview: Our guest Apostle Sovereign B. Smith discussed how some of our core beliefs can cause us to stay stuck in certain areas where God wants us to be free
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Apostle Sovereign B. Smith bio in her own words.  "Sovereign B. Cross-Smith, Dr. Honoris Causa in Education and Advocacy, is a motivational speaker, teacher, educator, and trainer. She has been serving as a marriage and family counselor, consultant, and community liaison under Beyond The Exterior, Inc since 2014. Sovereign B Smith, Dr. h.c. is the co-founder of R.A.W Kingdom, Inc where she holds position as Apostleship. She has dedicated her services in the faith-based community for over 20 years. Advocating for continual education and professional development for community service leaders is a core objective she obtains to equip people of all ages, ethnicity, and cultures to become self-sufficient and purpose driven through the recognition of psychological and emotional deficits. She continually provides initiatives such as the development of extensive Humanitarian projects that provide social support to the most vulnerable communities while advocating to ensure protective accessibility within their environment that underlines human rights for all. 

Sovereign B Cross-Smith, Dr. h.c. educational and professional experiences have afforded her many opportunities to serve and support individuals in many spectrums of life. In 2020, she earned a certification as a Trauma and Disaster Relief Specialist from Northcentral University, M.A. in Human Services for Marriage and Family Counseling from Liberty University, B.S. in Biblical Studies from Cairn University and Associate degree in Early Childhood Education from Manor College. She have worked for organizations such as: Special People In Northeast as a Therapeutic Support Staff, Behavioral Health Specialist for Resources for Human Development (RHD), Community Counsel Community Center as a Therapist, and presently work for  RAW Kingdom Inc., as a Christian counselor and substitute teacher within the Philadelphia School District teaching and implementing school initiatives.

Sovereign B Cross-Smith, Dr. h.c.’s greatest strengths and most rewarding experience are working in the community creating youth development programs, women empowerment projects, and hosting roundtable discussion on trauma and mental health awareness. She has founded and created several community programs that supplement community needs such as: Creative Cleansing Colors (Art Therapy), Artistic Autistic Arts (Children Arts Program), Women of Goshen (Women Ministry), Sovereignty Consultant (Spiritual Counseling) and Joshua Movement (Youth Group). These community programs and outreach services are designed to therapeutically help participants express themselves, have a voice, develop social skills, and modify cognitive behaviors through art and leadership development. 

 Apostle Sovereign B. Smith, Dr. h.c., B.S., M.A., CAGS/PSY

Trauma and Disaster Relief Specialization

Marriage and Family Counseling