May 19, 2021

Preview: Our guest sister Davita Nelson shared some of her story/journey of having Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Preview: Our guest sister Davita Nelson shared some of her story/journey of having Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
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Davita's bio in her own words, "Davita Nelson is a Philadelphia native, but has deep southern roots with her mother’s side of the family being from North Carolina and her father’s side being from South Carolina. Growing up, she spent a lot of time visiting family in Tarboro, NC and considers herself a southern gal living in the city.

She comes from a musical family and loves to sing. She has been a part of several choirs and groups, and truly enjoys singing with friends and other family members whenever she gets the chance

Davita obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems, a Master of Business Education, and a Master’s degree in Higher Education She has worked as an IT Professional for 22 years in both the Finance and Healthcare Industries.  Her career began as a Programmer Analyst then switched to the Quality Assurance Analyst role which allowed her to give input and review documentation to ensure things are working as designed and client data is accurate.

For Davita, life is a stage.  She loves to have fun and make others smile on both the inside and outside.  She also enjoys helping others which is evident through participation in events with her local chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. 

Despite having a chronic illness – Multiple Sclerosis, she continues to live life to the fullest and doesn’t allow it to hold her back from doing the things that bring her joy.  Although she’s had to make a few adjustments, she pushes forward and does not let the disease control her.

Davita is not only a MS Warrior, but a dedicated wife and loving mother of two young kings.  They are her motivation for all the work she puts in to overcome challenges and conquer this disease. "